Information / Rules

Fair Play

Fair Play first! Enjoying the game is most important.

The spirit of the Cup is characterised by equality, diversity and mutual respect – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or heritage! Respect the game – Respect the players!

Tournament and mode

Eight groups of four teams each will play the tournament.

Teams placed 1st and 2nd will be promoted to the Round of 16 of the All Gender Cup.

Teams placed 3rd and 4th will be promoted to the Round of 16 of the Fair Play Cup.

The winners of the Women*Inter*Transgender group stages A and B will play the Women*Inter*Trans Final.

Dressing rooms will be open from 8:30 a.m., the tournament starts at 10 a.m.

Dressing rooms 1 and 2 are reserved for Men*Inter*Trans, 3 and 4 for Women*Inter*Trans – PLEASE do not leave your valuables in the dressing rooms. We assume no liability for valuables.


Football boots with soft ground studs/blades, including Artificial Ground and Astro Turf boots are not allowed! Only indoor football boots or runners allowed!

In case of rain, the matches will be played barefooted!


Regular football rules apply. The offside and back pass rules are suspended. Compliance with the rules is in the responsibility of the players. In case of a dispute, a decision will be made by the referees.

The tournament will be played on small field goals.

5 outfield players and 1 goal keeper

Unlimited number of substitute players

Duration of the matches: 10 minutes during the group stage, 12 minutes from the Round of 16 on.

In case of a draw: Each team will receive one point during the group stage. From the round of 16 each team will be reduced by one player each minute until a goal is scored (Golden Goal).

New rule 2017: During the whole match there must play at least one woman in every mixed team. Otherwise the team plays with one player less (4+1)! This rule is also in a possible overtime active, as long as there is more than one person in every team.

If the complete team does not show up on time for a match, it will automatically lose by a score of 0:2.

In case of repeated or crass violation of the rules, penalties – up to exclusion from the Cup – against single players may be pronounced. The referee’s decision is to be respected.

In case of repeated, crass acts of unsporting behaviour a team may be expelled from the tournament!


In case of light rain all players have to play barefooted.

If the weather conditions do not allow regular matches, alternative modes of play may be induced by the cup officials (e.g. target shooting). The decision regarding continuation and mode is at the discretion of the cup officials.

In case of adverse weather conditions, heavy rain and/or thunder storms the tournament may be cancelled.

Entry Fee

The entry fee may be paid in cash on the day of the cup or may be transferred electronically.

Bank information

Freund/innen der Friedhofstribüne
IBAN: AT744300040176440002
Purpose: UBC17 [Team Name]